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Hot Tub Odor Troubleshooting: How to Remove Odor From Hot Tub Water

A hot tub is supposed to be a relaxing, calming, and rejuvenating experience. The last thing anyone wants is a smelly tub that’s unhygienic and unpleasant. In Sirona’s guide to hot tub odor troubleshooting, we will explain what causes it and share tips on how to remove odor from hot tub water!

What Causes Hot Tub Odor?

Hot tub odor can occur due to several factors. Once you identify the specific cause, it becomes easier to solve it more effectively.

Poor Water Chemistry

At Sirona Spa Care, we’ve always believed that water chemistry is an important factor that determines the overall quality of a hot tub. For a spa to function at its optimal level, its pH level, calcium hardness, and sanitizer level should be within the right ranges. There will be too much chlorine in case the pH level crosses a threshold. This will make the tub smell like chemicals.

High spa use or not adding enough sanitizer may cause a lack of chlorine. If the sanitizer level is too low, algae and bacteria won’t be effectively eliminated. All these can generate hot tub odor.

How To Fix It

The first step in hot tub odor troubleshooting is to use a chlorine test strip or pH test kit to find the levels and make the necessary adjustments. If the pH level is off, your sanitizers won’t function properly.

You should ensure that the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. If not, adjust pH to bring it to the correct level, then run the pump. Once the pH level is corrected, you can then adjust the sanitizer level per the label directions. 

A spa that has a strong odor around it

Biofilm Buildup 

A slimy substance, biofilm forms on the inner surfaces of your tub, including its pipes, filter, and jets. If not regularly cleaned and maintained with the right sanitizers, biofilm can build up, harboring several microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, fungi, and others. Biofilm can affect the filtration systems and water circulation. This leads to water discoloration and hot tub odor you might be experiencing.

How To Fix It

Wondering how to remove odor from hot tub water if the cause is biofilm buildup? Start by adding a spa purge product prior to draining the water. Then, once the water is removed, remove and clean all of the filters and check them for damage or debris. After that, thoroughly rinse with a hose and scrub the surfaces of the hot tub.

Concentrate on areas where you can spot the buildup of biofilm. Use an advanced spa sanitizer to remove the biofilm. Pay special attention to the corners and along the waterline. Finally, rinse the tub to remove any residue.

Water Contamination

To learn how to remove odor from hot tub water, you should also know how the water usually gets contaminated. Sweat, lotions, and body oils are some of the more common contaminants that can not only affect the water quality but also help create a fertile ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Urine or fecal matter can also lead to water contamination, which in turn will create an unpleasant hot tub odor. These can also pose serious health concerns for hot tub and spa users.

How To Fix It

What you need is a powerful cleaner that’s compatible with chlorine, ozone, bromine, and mineral purification systems. Sirona Activate Granular is a quick-dissolving non-chlorine shock oxidizer designed to eliminate odors and remove oils and lotions.

This best-in-class sanitizing system has a simple two-step solution that gives you shimmering clear water without any hot tub odor. Moreover, Sirona Specialties Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner will help you remove oils, minerals, lotions, scale, and other debris from your filters.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are kinds of fungi that develop in moist, warm, and often poorly sanitized and maintained hot tubs. Other than being unsightly, they also pose health risks. Mold grows when there is a combination of organic materials and moisture and appears green, black, or brownish in color.

Mildew usually grows on plants or damp organic materials. It appears in gray, white, or light green colors. If your hot tub has either mold or mildew, there will be a distinct musty odor.

How To Fix It

To avoid mold and mildew, you should regularly clean your hot tub and use the right cleaners to scrub the surfaces. With Sirona Brominating Granular, you can eliminate the growth of bacteria and produce sparkling clear water. It dissolves quickly and completely without leaving behind any insoluble or cloudy residue.

Identifying The Cause of Hot Tub Odor 

Understanding how to remove odor from hot tub water is primarily about knowing what’s causing it. Here’s how you can identify the cause of your hot tub odor:

What does it smell like?: If it smells musty, the reason could be mold or mildew. High sanitizer levels, on the other hand, will give a chlorine odor.

When did it start? For hot tub odor troubleshooting, it’s helpful to know how long you have had the problem. If it’s recent, it could be due to contamination or a change in water chemistry. If it’s been present for a while, biofilm buildup could be the cause.

Where is it coming from? If the cause is contamination or poor water chemistry, the odor will be coming from the water. If it’s mold or mildew, the odor will be from the air. 

A teakwood spa that is clean clear and has no odor in it

What To Keep In Mind 

You need a proven range of spa care sanitizers and hot tub chemicals to disinfect and cleanse hot tub surfaces. If they are of inferior quality or are incorrectly used, you might have hot tub odor. Importantly, make sure that you clean the bottom of the cover of the spa that gets exposed to the water the whole time.

Sirona Spa Care has an advanced range of sanitizers that are not only effective but exceptionally easy to use. Find your nearest supply store for Sirona products and elevate your spa experience today!